Manama’s secret is in the inside

Since we’ve started we have given our frame a lot of importance. The construction of our sofas begins in it and it’s an essential part of them.

We have designed our sofas and beds as authentic furniture and then we cover them with foams, fibres and fabrics that will give them their final look. That is why the frame of the sofa is vital for us just like the structure of a building. It must be solid, unyielding, strong and durable over time to fulfil our goal: To make quality products designed to last for many years, offering comfort and quality of life for our customers.

To finish our work we cover our sofas with the fabrics of the top international manufacturers: Kvadrat, Etro, Designers Guill, Lizzo, Pepe Penalver, Ralph Lauren, Dedar, Sunbrella, Yutex and many others that will give our products an authentic luxury finish.