Our production philosophy respects the environment.

All our suppliers and all the products we use in our manufacturing have the highest environmental certifications CE.

We manufacture products that will be present in our lives for a long period of time, which makes us highly responsible for all the materials we use to manufacture these products.

All our products are designed and manufactured to last a long time, sometimes a lifetime, giving them a plus environmental quality plus, because they are not products you throw away, or short-term.

The wood used in all of our parts, comes solely and exclusively, from countries with controlled felling, of replanted forests, guaranteeing a planting policy that ensures controlled logging and sustainability of our forests.

Varnishes used for wood finishes are water-based varnishes, which makes them safe for the environment.

All foams and fibres used in our production are highly recyclable.

The plastic and cardboard that we use to protect our products are fully recyclable materials.