Our products

At manama we think, design and manufacture products for your house. That is why from day one our goal has been to create robust and enduring objects. Each and every one of the items manufactured by our company meet the highest standards of quality and are made always thinking about the purpose for which they were created, as well as the durability and comfort of them.

From day one we knew what had to be a sofa, a cabinet, a bed or a mattress manufactured by us. All of the items are designed to fill the space where the will be and that’s why we have always manufactured custom-made as well as on project proposal by our customers.

Our sofas and beds are designed as furniture and also as elements of comfort, which is why the choice of raw materials is critical in the manufacturing process as well as a perfect finishing. The cutting of fabrics, the making of them, the assembly of the wooden frames and the upholstery, are crucial for the final result which is none other than a couch or bed that will be with us for many years in a perfect condition.

Therefore, to be able to achieve a product according to how we think we choose the best materials available and manufacture by hand one by one all our items, without forgetting to use the latest technology that we have in our factory.

The sofa has been placed as a central element in decoration nowadays and this is why a factory today must meet criteria of versatility and sophistication in terms of designs, sizes, fabrics and technical solutions. All of this is present in all our sofas.

The mattress isn’t a simple addition for us, it is a crucial part of our lives because it is the element that we will use the most and has to be able to offer a truly restful sleep and help us recover the energy lost during the day. That is why we give our mattresses the same importance as our sofas and furniture and we make the same way, one by one, on request. We never store mattresses on top of each other because they would be worn out before being bought.

All of our products are supplied with an instruction book, which is numbered, dated and signed by the person responsible of quality control, who grants in that moment the guarantee of a Manama product.