Our Values

Craftsmen tradition

Heirs to a long tradition of craftsmanship which is the cornerstone of our way of making, the company has evolved technologically getting used to our current time, without losing our values or quality of handmade product that we have always defended.


From day one our goal has been to make long-lasting products in time, objects in which the hand of man is the essential tool. Objects where the experience, knowledge and traditional craftsmanship will always be present as well as the latest creativity and technology to achieve always the highest quality.

Design and trend

Design, trend, quality and durability are our core values. They are present in everything we do, in a process where our great artisans converge to make our beds and sofas. A suitable study of the materials, allows us to select the best suited for our philosophy and our product.

Own style

We are faithful to our own style, we enjoy our work, and we relentlessly work to achieve perfection, knowing that it's an endless road. The customer’s satisfaction and comfort are our highest aspirations.